We offer Vehicle Repair Services in Auckland

At Solis Panelbeaters, we handle all types of panel and paint restoration services. We have the highest health and safety standards, our technicians are also fully trained, and the company is fully insured. We offer the following services
Insurance Repair service In Auckland

Insurance repair

At Solispanelbeaters, we provide insurance repairs for all models of vehicles, including European, Asian, and American models. We work closely with all major insurance companies
Private Automotive Collision Repairs Service

Private repair

Are you looking for an experienced panel beater who can repair your vehicle? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large commercial vehicle or a classic rally car, at Solispanelbeaters, the repair team has all the expertise and experience needed to restore it to its initial state.
Rust Repairs Service in Auckland

Rust repair

Are you worried about those brown rust spots on your vehicle? I think it’s time you should consider visiting us. Rust spots are obviously eyesores. Moreover, rust also damages your car’s body panels, chassis, frame, and metal. That’s why you should consider hiring our restoration experts and let us handle the matter for you.
Chassis Alignment Service in Auckland

Chassis Alignment

When it comes to chassis repairs and alignments, our skilled personnel have the resources needed to restore the chassis of your vehicle to its correct position. Contact us today, and we will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.
Courtesy Vehicle Repair Service Auckland

Courtesy vehicle

Everything doesn’t have to stop after bringing your car for repairs. Our company will provide you with a car to run your daily errands as you wait for us to restore yours.
Technical advice and Car Restoration Auckland

Technical advice

Our experts are readily available in case you need technical analysis or advice on the bodywork. Contact us today and get answers to those burning questions and ideas.

Insurance repair

Doing an insurance claim can be a very stressful process, especially if you just had an accident, and you’re not sure of what to do next. If you find yourself in this fix, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be very happy to guide you with any insurance and repair related enquires and help you through all the processes involved when doing insurance repairs. Our company has dealt with many insurance providers and have indepth knowledge which makes handling insurance claims easier for our valued customers. We also stay up to date with the new insurance rules and procedures.

Private repair

All our panel beaters use modern techniques and equipment to do repairs. We also use genuine parts and high-quality materials. We have repaired many vehicles in New Lynn and have built a reputation as one of the best panel beaters in West Auckland.

Our team is also equipped with a range of minor panel and paint restoration techniques that will not only save your time and hard-earned cash but also ensure that your vehicle is back on the road looking immaculate again. We handle all types of private panel and paint restoration services, including removing scratches and dents to exceed your expectations.

Rust repair

Repairing rust on a car is not a walk in the park. That’s why it is recommended that you bring your vehicle to our trusted body repair experts who have vast experience in doing rust repairs. Our body repair shop has specialized equipment that helps us to identify and assess how bad the rust is, before commencing the repair process.

They include:

Chassis Alignment

Were you involved in an accident that ended up damaging your chassis? Are you looking for highly skilled experts who can fix your car's chassis and restore it to its original condition? Then you're on the right page. Solis Panelbeaters has a chassis alignment service that can help fix chassis alignment problems. Our chassis alignment services include chassis alignment, damaged chassis repairs, and doing chassis inspections. The size of your restoration or repair project doesn't matter, and our mechanics will always ensure that they deliver results on time.

Small Rust Repair

Small rust repairs are done on small areas where the rust is prevalent and hasn't yet penetrated the metal. These areas include exhaust pipes, wheel wells, fenders, and door panels. These small rust parches are formed when deep scratches are not repainted in time. Our panel and paint technicians will repair the rust on your vehicle by removing the rust and repainting the scratches to match your car's color.

Extensive Rust Repair

This happens when rust has affected several areas, including damaging the vehicle's underside, or even more extensive body parts. In this scenario, your vehicle will require more extensive repairs. In this case, our panel and paint technicians will get rid of the damaged areas by replacing the metal by welding or applying a firm bond. In some instances, where the car frame is completely damaged, the whole car frame will need to be replaced.

Courtesy Vehicle

Your life doesn't have to stop when you bring your car for repairs. We know that you'll still need to pick up kids from school, and you'll also need a vehicle to drive when you run your daily errands. We believe in making our customers experience with us as stress free as possible and provide our clients with a free courtesy vehicle.

Technical Advice

Are you thinking of buying or selling a used vehicle? Our comprehensive inspection service can give you a good perspective on the condition of the vehicle, the number of repairs needed, and how much it will cost you. With Solispanelbeaters, we will give you an honest report based on our findings. Our technical advice service includes a comprehensive check of the car and a written report on the state of the vehicle and what it lacks/needs.

Why call
Solis Panelbeaters first?

Being one of the best spray painters and panel beaters in Auckland, we work with all reputable insurers. These insurers know how we work, and we also understand how they work and their requirements. So calling Auckland Panel and paint experts means you will get the best in terms of insurance and panel and paint repair services. Our company will take you through the claims process. This will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of your insurer, and still receive high-quality panel and paint repair work.

Our Auckland panel and paint repair process

At Solispanelbeaters, we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellent workmanship and a customer-first approach. This is why we make everything as simple as possible for all our customers. Contact the best panel beaters in new Lynn today, and we’ll ensure you get the best quality panel and paint repair work with minimal or no inconvenience. We always ensure that our repairs restore your car to its pre-accident condition. To do this, we use the quality-focused panel repair process discussed below, which ensures that we exceed your expectations.

Stage 1 - Disassembly and Pre-Repair Inspection

Before commencing any repairs, parts on the vehicle surrounding the damaged area are removed. The vehicle is then inspected for any underlying damage. If we notice any extra damage, we will talk to you about the findings, and give you an idea of the type of repairs you need and how long they will take. The inspection report will also give detailed information on what your insurer may not cover, and how much you’ll need for private repairs. This is the best time to sort these issues out with our panel and paint restoration experts.

Stage 2 - Your Vehicle is repaired

The repairs will commence once we receive a go-ahead from you and your insurance company. Repairs will involve repairing and replacing damaged parts. Also note that the brand of the vehicle, parts availability, and the extent of the damage will determine the duration of this stage. Some car models have very complex procedures when it comes to acquiring parts, which is also very time-consuming. If parts have to come from overseas there can be some delays. Sometimes, this stage includes using specific machinery and manufacturer’s repair methods to retain the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Stage 3 - Carrying Out Sublet repairs

This is where we hire specialists to carry out any sublet work. We hire sublet companies because of their specialty, knowledge, and experience. Most of them are readily available, and we rarely waste time waiting for them. These sublets can include car electricians, air conditioning repairs, removal of windscreens, and radiator repairs. We hire only the best sublet contractors to work on your car who meet our high standards of workmanship.

Stage 4 - Painting

Painting is done in several stages. They include the preparation of panels/repairs for priming, the blocking of primer, and color-matching of the paint to suit/match the car. After all, this is done, the vehicle will be painted using the chosen color before proceeding to stage 5.

Stage 5 - Reassembling and pre-quality inspection

In this stage, most of the main procedures are completed. These include re-installing suspension, windscreens, re-gassing of ACs and radiators, etc. After the vehicle is assembled, we will do a wheel alignment if necessary before checking the component systems once more. If we fail to detect any issues, we proceed to the final stage.

Stage 6 - Adding Details and performing a final quality assurance check

Your vehicle will then be given a complimentary detail. This detail ensures that all our customers are satisfied with the final repairs. Before handing the car back you, our workshop manager checks for quality. The findings are recorded on a check sheet, which will be given to you when receiving your vehicle.

Collecting your vehicle

Our customer care person will contact you via phone once everything is okay. You’ll then agree on the best time to pick the vehicle. All the extra expenses must be settled before we release the vehicle.

Potential delays

Courtesy Vehicle Repair Service Auckland
Solis Panelbeaters promise to return your car to its pre-accident condition using the shortest possible turnaround time. Even though we do our best to achieve this goal, it’s also important to know that there can be delays in the repair process. Before commencing any work that involves additional damage, we have to seek authority from your insurer. Repairs to your vehicle will remain on hold until the insurance company has given us the go-ahead. Another aspect that may cause delays is if the company has ceased manufacturing the vehicle or its parts. Discontinuation makes it difficult for us to get the required spare part for your car. In this case, the only option is to try repairing the part or search for a slightly used part. These two procedures are time-consuming, which may cause your vehicle to stay longer. Luckily, these events rarely happen; and if they do, we will always call you and inform you about the delay.
If you were impressed by our services, you could reward us by requesting us to repair your vehicle again, and we will make sure that we give it the attention it deserves. You can also send referrals our way and let them experience our top-notch panel and paint restoration services. Contact Solispanelbeaters today for a free quote.